Initial Participation Opportunities for 2023 ARIN Election Cycle Announced

Posted: Tuesday, 09 May 2023

It is time to kick off the 2023 ARIN Election cycle! As always, ARIN’s governance relies on participation from our community.

Nomination Committee Volunteers Needed

The first step is to seat two additional volunteers to serve on the Nomination Committee (NomCom) and assist with recruiting candidates for the open seats on the Board of Trustees and Advisory Council. Starting last year, the NomCom moved toward a staggered two-year term model, and this year’s NomCom appointees will be eligible to serve two-year terms.

The current members of the Nomination Committee are:

  • Peter Harrison, Trustee and Committee Chair 
  • Hank Kilmer, Trustee 
  • Christine Marion, General Member representative
  • Christopher Quesada, General Member representative
  • Donovan Smith, General Member representative

Volunteers for the committee must be from an ARIN General Member organization in Good Standing and may not be a candidate for a seat in an ARIN Election in the same year. Chosen representatives may include at least one and up to two actively-serving Advisory Council members.

To learn more about the committee’s role and responsibilities, please review the Charter for the NomCom. If you’re interested in volunteering for the NomCom, please complete this brief questionnaire no later than 7:00 PM ET on Friday, 19 May:

Community Input on Nominee Questionnaires

In advance of the opening of nominations on 16 June 2023, the Trustee members of the NomCom would appreciate your input regarding the nominee questionnaires for the Board of Trustees, Advisory Council, and NRO Number Council. This is your chance to indicate the questions you would like nominees to answer in their application for canidacy. The responses from the nominees will be used by the independent third-party vendor in the assessment of candidate qualifications; these responses will also be published when the slate of candidates is posted later this year.

If you have specific questions or topics that you’d like nominees to respond to, please submit your suggestions for consideration no later than 7:00 PM ET on Friday, 19 May at:

You may submit suggested nominee questions for any of the 2023 elections, and multiple suggestions are allowed. Draft examples of the questionnaires are available:

The ARIN Board of Trustees will approve the final list and phrasing of the candidate nominee questions for the Board and AC nominees, and ARIN’s Executive team will review all submissions for the NRO NC. The NomCom will review all questionnaire suggestions for the Board and AC and may suggest additional questions to the independent third-party vendor but may not alter or revoke the Board-approved questions.

ARIN and the NomCom greatly value feedback from the community and look forward to your participation in these activities, as well as the rest of the 2023 Election process ahead!

If you have specific questions or need to request additional information, please contact


Jason Byrne
Senior Customer Success Analyst
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)