NRO Number Council - Nominee Questionnaires

Nominee Questionnaires allow candidates for the NRO NC to explain their backgrounds, skills, experience and goals. Completed questionnaires are made publicly available upon the publication of the Initial Slate of Candidates.

Each nominee must submit the online nominee questionnaire in order to run for an NRO Number Council position. Questionnaires may be published on the ARIN website as a candidate’s biography and may be displayed and/or distributed at the Fall ARIN Public Policy and Members Meeting.

Nominee Questionnaire for NRO Number Council Nominees

Note: the NRO NC nomination form includes additional contact data collection in addition to the questions below. Contact information will be kept confidential and only used for the purposes of processing a nomination.

Nominee Questions

  1. Bearing in mind that you run and serve as an individual, rather than representing an organization, is there an organizational/employer affiliation you’d like to state for identification purposes?
  2. Are you available to serve the entirety of a three-year term?
  3. Describe any limitations on your ability to travel to attend ARIN and ICANN meetings in person or participate in scheduled teleconference calls.
  4. The ASO AC holds monthly conference calls and participation is expected of all members. Would participation in these calls present any issue for you?
  5. Why do you want to serve on the NRO NC, and what goals do you want to accomplish?
  6. What, if any, conflicts of interest might arise for you as an NRO NC member? Specifically, do you serve in what could be perceived as any Internet governance roles, provide any services directly or indirectly to ARIN, or represent any significant interest from the community?
  7. What is your record of serving the Internet community in the ARIN region?
  8. What participation do you have within ICANN, in the past and currently? Are you a member of any other ICANN AC or SO?
  9. What differentiates you as a candidate, or makes you uniquely suited to serve on the NRO NC?
  10. Provide a brief biography of recent experience, associations, and affiliations relevant to serving on the NRO NC, including names of organizations, positions held, specific duties, and dates of service.
  11. (Optional) Provide one URL to a social media website of your choice, to foster dialogue with community members.
  12. (Optional) Provide one URL to a web page with biographical information.

Completed questionnaires are due before the close of the nomination period in order to be considered for service on the NRO NC.