NRO NC Meetings

In-Person Meetings

(Approximately three annually)

  • ICANN Meetings to include ASO AC (once a year)
  • April: One meeting during the second-quarter ARIN Public Policy & Members Meeting
  • October: One meeting during the fourth-quarter ARIN Public Policy & Members Meeting


(Twelve annually)

  • Monthly ASO AC teleconference meetings
  • Other times, as needed: See the ASO AC website for the current list of ASO minutes. Minutes note whether the meeting was held in-person or via teleconference.

Approval of Meeting Minutes

Following an ASO AC meeting, the Secretariat will send the draft minutes in a timely fashion to the ASO AC for comment. The comment period will last no longer than 1 week. After the review period the Secretariat will then post the Draft Minutes to the ASO website according to the minutes posting procedure with a header explaining the minutes will be approved during the next regularly scheduled ASO AC meeting.

Chair Election Procedures

Persons who are or will be members of the ASO AC in a particular year are eligble to become Chair or Vice Chair in that year, and are eligible to participate in the election for that year’s Chair, notwithstanding the fact that the procedure for electing the Chair begins during the preceding year.


Nominations for the positions of Chair for a particular year must be posted on the AC-COORD mailing list no earlier than 00:00 UTC on 1 December and no later than 24:00 UTC on 14 December of the preceding year. Self-nominations are not allowed. Nominations must be seconded by another eligible voter. Confirmation of interest from nominated candidates must be posted on the AC-COORD mailing list no later than 31 December at 24:00 UTC.

Poll Operations

At its December meeting, the council shall establish the days and times for the opening and closing of the polls for the purpose of electing the chair of the council. The polls shall not be kept open for more than seven calendar days. Within three calendar days after the polls have closed, the Secretary of the NRO EC will announce the winner of the election. Records of how each AC member voted will be kept secret. The candidate receiving the most votes is elected Chair.

Run-Off Procedure

In the event of a tie, there shall be a second round of electronic voting, in which the candidates are those who tied for first place during the first round. The secretary of the NRO EC will announce the list of candidates and the days and times of the opening and closing of the polls.