Press Release Archive

Date Title
13 May 2019 ARIN Wins Important Legal Case and Precedent Against Fraud
12 April 2018 ARIN Launches Caribbean Forum
02 August 2017 ARIN Strengthens Commitment to the Caribbean
24 September 2015 ARIN IPv4 Free Pool Runs Dry
01 July 2015 ARIN Activates Waiting List for IPV4 Addresses
23 April 2014 Depletion of IPv4 Address Space Triggers Final Phase of ARIN Countdown Plan
07 October 2013 Montevideo Statement on the Future of Internet Cooperation, Uruguay, 7 October 2013
26 April 2011 Microsoft receives court approval for transfer as agreed with ARIN
15 April 2011 ARIN and Microsoft recognize transfer of IP addresses per community policy
30 March 2011 ARIN Reiterates Availability of IP Address Space Transfers According to Community Policy
3 February 2011 Free Pool of IPv4 Address Space Depleted
22 October 2010 ARIN Announces Newly Elected Board of Trustees and Advisory Council Members
20 October 2010 ARIN Recognizes Interop for Returning IPv4 Address Space
18 October 2010 Remaining IPv4 Address Space Drops Below 5% [NRO]
04 October 2010 ARIN details key findings from NTIA IPv6 Workshop
24 September 2010 American Registry for Internet Numbers Announces CEO participation in NTIA Workshop on IPv6
27 July 2010 As Internet runs out of IPv4 addresses, web-enabled businesses must act now
14 April 2010 ARIN to Discuss Key IPv6 Proposals at 25th Public Policy and Members Meeting
19 January 2010 Less than 10% of IPv4 Addresses Remain Unallocated, says Number Resource Organization
04 January 2010 Looming Internet Address Space Crisis Quickly Becoming One of Key Issues, Panel Sessions at 2010 CES
25 August 2009 ARIN and Caribbean Telecommunications Union Host Premier Internet Community Meeting
06 July 2009 ARIN Names New President and CEO
11 February 2009 CTU and ARIN Host Major Internet Community Meeting in Bridgetown, Barbados
03 February 2009 ARIN Holds Meeting in Barbados to Discuss the Future of Internet Number Resources
17 October 2008 Raymond A. Plzak Announces Resignation as President and CEO of ARIN
16 October 2008 ARIN ARIN and CAIDA Announce Survey Results on IPv6 Penetration and Adoption Plans
8 October 2008 ARIN Holds Meetings to Discuss the Future of Internet Number Resources
17 Sep 2008 ARIN and CTU Host Major Internet Community Meeting in Nassau, Bahamas
24 July 2008 AS Number Change Could Affect Internet Routing From 1 January 2009
21 May 2008 CTU and ARIN Host Major Internet Community Meeting in Kingston, Jamaica
1 April 2008 ARIN to Hold Meetings in Denver
5 October 2007 ARIN to Hold Meetings in Albuquerque
16 August 2007 ARIN, LACNIC, and the CTU Pledge Cooperation in the Caribbean
01 August 2007 ARIN Confirms IP Address Distribution Practices; Policies Do Not Encourage Profit-driven Speculation
21 May 2007 ARIN Board Advises Internet Community on Migration to IPv6