ARIN's Trust Anchor Locator (TAL)

Effective 29 September 2022, ARIN changed how it manages the ARIN Trust Anchor Locator (TAL). Please see our announcement for more information.

ARIN’s Trust Anchor Locator (TAL) is a file that contains both the location of ARIN’s Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) repository and ARIN’s public key, which is used to cryptographically verify that ARIN has signed the artifacts within ARIN’s RPKI repository. The TAL is used with an RPKI Validator to verify the certificates and ROAs within ARIN’s RPKI repository. This validated information can then be used to make routing decisions in your network.

For more information on using ARIN’s TAL and ARIN’s RPKI Repository for routing, visit Resource Certification (RPKI).

Downloading the ARIN TAL

ARIN’s TAL is used to retrieve and verify its RPKI Repository. ARIN publishes all Certificates, Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs), and RPKI-signed objects in its RPKI Repository.