Historical Statistics

Historical Annual Statistics By Month

Historical Statistics By Year

Below is information, aggregated by year, about highlighted historical statistics covering aspects of ARIN’s operations as an RIR.

1999 - 2018 Requests for IPv4 Address Space

(by category) IPv4 Requests by Category 1999-2017

1999 - 2018 IPv4 Delegations Issued By ARIN

(listed in /24s) ARIN IPv4 Delegations by Category 1999-2017

1999 - 2018 Autonomous System Numbers Issued By ARIN

AS Numbers Issued by ARIN 1999-2017

1999 - 2018 SWIP Templates Processed By ARIN

SWIP Templates Processed by ARIN 1999-2017

* Manual vs. Automated processing numbers consolidated in 2011 per change in handling SWIPs via ARIN Online.

1999 - 2018 IPv6 Address Allocations and Requests

ARIN IPv6 Initial Allocations 1999-2017

Data on the number of requests for IPv6 allocations prior to 2005 is not available.

2006 - 2018 IPv6 Address Assignments and Requests

ARIN IPv6 Assignments and Reuqests 2006-2016

ARIN began issuing IPv6 assignments in 2006 as a result of new number resource policy.

1999 - 2018 New Requests for Transfers and Completed Transfers

Total Transfers Completed 1999-2017

Data on the number of requests for transfers prior to 2002 is not available.

Miscellaneous Historical Statistics

Legacy Registrations

Legacy Registration Outreach effort (by month for 2008 through 2010)

Historical IPv4 Issuance

Histrogram of IPv4 address space distribution by organization for 2006 and 2007

Registration Services Response Time Statistics