Get Involved

Anyone is welcome to participate in the ARIN community! Listed below are some of the ways you can help advance our mission and lead the Internet into the future.

Help Shape Policy

How ARIN manages Internet number resources (IP addresses and Autonomous System Numbers) in its service region is based on policy developed by the community through our Policy Development Process (PDP). That means anyone has the power to directly shape policy by participating in an open mailing list and/or attending ARIN Meetings in person or remotely. This process is open, transparent, and inclusive - an ARIN membership is not required!

Find the status of current policy discussions on the Draft Policies and Proposals page and subscribe to ARIN-PPML (Public Policy Mailing List) to voice your opinions.

Participate in Meetings

Sometimes, nothing beats a little face time with the Internet community and ARIN staff. When you’re ready to hit the road, we’ll be there!

We hope to see you at an upcoming event! For a complete listing of upcoming community events, please visit our TeamARIN website to view our community event calendar.

ARIN Public Policy and Members Meetings

ARIN holds biannual Public Policy and Members Meetings in the second and fourth quarters in various locations throughout the ARIN region. These meetings provide an opportunity for the entire Internet community to engage in policy discussions, network with colleagues, and learn more about ARIN services and operations. Registration is free for all attendees who register in advance, and remote participation is equally rewarding for those who can’t attend in person. Be sure to check out ARIN’s Fellowship Program for a chance to receive financial assistance to attend an ARIN Public Policy and Members Meeting.

ARIN on the Road

ARIN on the Road is your chance to get your questions answered. These traveling, no-cost events provide the latest from ARIN on everything from technical services and tools, to current ARIN policy discussions and the status of IPv6 adoption. We’ll get you up to speed and solicit discussion topics in case there is something you want to know that isn’t on the agenda.

ARIN in the Caribbean

ARIN in the Caribbean features information on ARIN and its services, as well as how we can help you and your organizations design, secure, and maintain robust networks and contribute to Internet numbering policy development for the region. ARIN’s Director of Caribbean Affairs Bevil Wooding leads these important events. Visit our ARIN in the Caribbean page on TeamARIN to learn more.

ARIN Lunch by the Numbers

These lunches are for customer organizations that may not have much visibility into the inner workings of ARIN. Staff will present an overview of current ARIN activities and services. Afterward, there will be plenty of time for questions and for you to provide us with feedback.

We will have a Registration Services Help Desk at each event, opening at 10:30 AM and available throughout the lunch, to answer any questions about your resources or pending requests. Two individuals per ARIN customer (i.e., an organization holding resources directly issued from ARIN) are welcome to attend.

Take Action as a Member During Elections


ARIN places a premium on being responsive to the needs of the community. We rely on our member organizations to be “good citizens” by voting in elections, attending meetings, and participating in the policy process, so we can continue to fulfill our mission.

The majority of ARIN member organizations gain their membership automatically when they receive a direct allocation of IP addresses from ARIN. Membership is also available as an option for organizations who hold direct assignments or ASNs from ARIN through the Registration Services Plan.

There are many benefits to ARIN Membership, including the ability to vote in ARIN Elections, nominate individuals for election, and participate in the ARIN Discuss Mailing List. To learn more about membership, visit our Membership page.


Each year, Voting Contacts from ARIN member organizations elect representatives to the ARIN Board of Trustees and Advisory Council (AC) to serve staggered three-year terms. A member from the ARIN region is either elected or appointed to the Number Resource Organization Number Council (NRO NC) during the same time frame.

To learn more about voting in ARIN Elections, the requirements for voting, and a list of key dates, visit our Elections page.

The ability to vote in ARIN Elections is undoubtedly the most important perk of ARIN Membership, and we want to hear your voice!

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