Redesigned ARIN Vault Now Available

Posted: Wednesday, 11 October 2023

Since 2016, ARIN has committed itself to preserving its historical information for the Internet community in the ARIN Vault. On the Vault, you will find decades of reports from Public Policy and Members Meetings and Public Policy Consultations, Advisory Council and Board of Trustees meeting minutes, Internet number resource policy and proposals, public announcements, and a range of corporate documentation.

The ARIN Vault was originally designed to provide an easily searchable and accessible repository for our historical documents. Now, we have updated the Vault to provide an even more seamless navigation experience for our users. Please note that these changes do not impact the current website structure or navigation for

To access the Vault, you may visit You may also find yourself automatically redirected to the ARIN Vault if you are searching for older information on The information provided in the Vault is published in its final form and will not be changed or updated except to address any links that may be unavailable or out of date. If you’d like to go back to the ARIN homepage, the ARIN home link in the footer will take you there.

If you have any issues using the new Vault, please email to let us know. We hope you enjoy browsing the Vault.


American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)