The 2023 Nomination Committee

Posted: Wednesday, 24 May 2023

We are pleased to announce that Brian Jones and Andrew Gallo have been selected to join the 2023 Nomination Committee (NomCom). They join the appointed Board members and the community representatives serving since last year. The 2023 NomCom is:

  • Peter Harrison (Chair)
  • Hank Kilmer, ARIN Board Trustee
  • Andrew Gallo, General Member representative 1
  • Brian Jones, General Member representative 1
  • Christine Marion, General Member representative 2
  • Christopher Quesada, General Member representative 2
  • Donovan Smith, General Member representative 2

1 Term is for 2023 – 2024 Election Cycles
2 Term is for 2022 – 2023 Election Cycles

These recently appointed community members were selected from the submissions solicited in the past two weeks and meet the eligibility requirements, including being associated with General Members in Good Standing, and at least one, but not more than two Advisory Council members participating. The selection was made by the two Trustee members of the NomCom — Hank Kilmer and Peter Harrison (2023 NomCom Chair).

We extend our sincere thanks to all these volunteers for serving on this year’s committee and appreciate their time and willingness to contribute to this vital process. We also hope you will join us in thanking all those who volunteered. ARIN, as an organization and as a community, relies on the participation of its stakeholders.

For 2023, the NomCom will be recruiting nominees for election to the ARIN Board of Trustees and Advisory Council in accordance with the ARIN Bylaws, the Charter for the NomCom, and the ARIN Election Processes.

For the Board of Trustees, there will be four seats to fill for terms starting on 1 January 2024. For the Advisory Council terms starting next year, there will be five full-term seats to fill, and an additional seat with a one-year term to fill. The Call for Nominations will be posted next month.

For additional information regarding the NomCom and Election Processes, visit:

If you have specific questions or need to request additional information, please contact


Jason Byrne
Senior Customer Success Analyst
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

Key Election Date Reminders

  • 16 June – 30 June: Call for Board of Trustees, Advisory Council, and NRO Number Council Nominations
  • 4 September: Deadline to Establish Voter Eligibility
  • 19 – 27 October: Voting Period for 2023 ARIN Elections

See the full Election Calendar at