Submitting a Transfer Pre-approval Request

ARIN offers transfer pre-approvals to organizations seeking IPv4 address space via a Transfer Between Specified Recipients (NRPM 8.3) or Inter-RIR Transfers to Specified Recipients (NRPM 8.4) based on a 24-month projected need. Before requesting a transfer pre-approval, please review ARIN’s policies to ensure that you qualify to receive IPv4 addresses. Refer to the ARIN Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM) for full details.

Note: Transfer pre-approval requests will be reviewed based on the organization’s projected 24-month need and will not be subject to re-verification for a NRPM 8.3 transfer or a NRPM 8.4 transfer submitted within 24 months of this approval.

Requesting Transfer Pre-approval

To request transfer pre-approval:

  1. Log in to your ARIN Online account.
  2. Choose Your Records > Organization Identifiers from the navigation menu.
  3. Select the Org for which you want to request transfer pre-approval to access the Organization Record page.
  4. In Org Info section, from the Actions menu, select Request Transfer Pre-Approval. Follow the directions in the subsequent windows, including justification information for your 24-month IP addressing needs for which you would like pre-approval. After you submit your information, a ticket is created for you.

Note: All transfer pre-approval requests require an ARIN Online account linked to either an Admin or Tech Point of Contact (POC) record with the authority to request resources for a valid Organization Identifier (Org ID).

Verification of Receipt

The system automatically verifies receipt of your request by issuing you a ticket number as soon as you successfully submit the request.

Review Process

We will respond to requests within two business days. We may request additional information; you’ll receive notification of these requests in ARIN Online. For each question and response cycle, we will respond within two days. If you do not reply within 90 days, the ticket will be closed. A request for additional information does not imply a request denial.

For questions about pending requests, send a reply to the ticket through ARIN Online, or call ARIN’s Registration Services Help Desk at +1.703.227.0660. When you call, have your ticket number and any requested documentation available and be sure that you have access to the ARIN website. For further follow-up, supply the name of the ARIN Customer Service Resource Analyst who assisted you on your prior call. Visit Help Desk Information and Tips for additional guidance on calling the Help Desk.

Request Approval

ARIN notifies the submitter of transfer pre-approval via the ticket through the submitter’s ARIN Online account. The pre-approval is valid for two years.

If a request is rejected and you feel proper justifications were met, contact ARIN by opening an Ask ARIN ticket in ARIN Online.

What’s Next?

Once a transfer is arranged, both the organization receiving IP addresses (Recipient) and the organization releasing the IP addresses (Source) will need to submit a Transfer between Specified Recipients within the ARIN Region (NRPM 8.3) request. Recipients of an Inter-RIR transfer (NRPM 8.4) will receive notification and instructions from ARIN regarding submission of their request. For full details, visit Transferring IPs & ASNs.