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Upcoming ARIN Meetings
Meeting Location Dates
ARIN on the Road: Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA 02 June 2016
ARIN + NANOG on the Road: Waterloo Waterloo, ON 13 September 2016
ARIN 38 Dallas, TX 20 - 21 October 2016
ARIN on the Road: Nashville Nashville, TN 10 November 2016
ARIN 39 New Orleans, LA 02 - 05 April 2017
ARIN 40 San Jose, CA 05 - 06 October 2017
ARIN 41 TBD Spring 2018
ARIN 42 Vancouver, BC 04 - 05 October 2018

For a complete listing of upcoming community events, please visit our TeamARIN website to view our community event calendar.

ARIN Public Policy and Members Meetings

ARIN holds biannual Public Policy and Members Meetings in the second and fourth quarters in various locations throughout the ARIN region. ARIN meetings provide an opportunity for the entire Internet community to engage in policy discussions, network with colleagues, and attend workshops and tutorials. All interested individuals are welcome to attend the Public Policy & Members Meetings. Registration is free for all attendees who preregister, though a nominal fee is charged for on-site registrations.

Everything you need to know to be an active participant in the next Public Policy and Members Meeting can be found through the links above.

Meeting and Public Policy Consultation Reports

ARIN's most recent meetings were ARIN 37 in Montego Bay, Jamaica from 17 - 20 April 2016 and a Public Policy Consultation (PPC) at NANOG 66 on 09 February 2016 in San Diego, California.

View detailed reports and webcast archives for past ARIN meetings and PPCs.

ARIN On The Road

ARIN on the Road events provide the latest information on ARIN’s technical services, the status of IPv6 adoption, current ARIN policy developments and updates about ARIN and the RIR system. We answer questions about how to interact with ARIN’s online services and solicit discussion topics from you to make sure we cover what you want to know. The page linked to above has details on future events and archives of previous presentations.


ARIN Fellowship ProgramThe ARIN Fellowship Program provides financial support for three to five individuals from each sector of the ARIN Region (Canada, the Caribbean and North Atlantic Islands, and the United States and Outlying Areas) to attend each ARIN Public Policy and Members Meeting.


In addition to the ARIN Fellowship Program, there are other scholarships available to community members. Learn about scholarship opportunities available to attend the annual joint NANOG and ARIN Meeting.


Sponsors are a key part of ARIN Public Policy and Members Meetings.  Learn all about upcoming sponsorship opportunities, and view the past sponsors list.  Find out how you can bring the ARIN meeting to your city!

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