ACSP Suggestion 2021.26: Amend Bylaws to Require NomCom to Provide Nomination Data


Author: Chris Woodfield   
Submitted On: 28 October 2021


Given the recent focus on Nomination Committee transparency in the current election cycle, I propose one method in which the NomCom could be more transparent in its deliberations. The following text could be added to the existing bylaws under Section V, Election Slate Development Process.

As soon as is practicable after the initial slate of Board, AC, and NRO candidates are announced, the NomCom chair shall present to the community the following data:

  1. The number of nominations received for each election,
  2. The number of nominees accepted onto the initial slate, and
  3. The number of nominees declined, and non-personally-identifiable reasons for the declined nominations, as permitted by ARIN GC.

While Item #3 could take a number of forms, I would suggest the form of a report of the numbers of nominees rejected under broad categories.

Such a report could read as follows:

“For the 20XX Board Of Trustees election, the Nomination Committee received 11 nominations. Of those nominations:

  • Two nominees did not accept their nomination or return a completed Candidate Questionnaire;
  • One nominee disclosed an unresolvable conflict of interest;
  • Two nominees did not exhibit to the Nomination Committee the necessary background and experience requirements of Board candidates as set forth in the Board Guidance to the Nomination Committee.
  • The remaining six nominees were accepted onto the Initial Slate.”

Value to Community: Such a report, as outlined above, could go a long way towards providing additional transparency of the NomCom process to the community, while also protecting the necessary privacy of the NomCom deliberations and the privacy of the nominees not accepted onto an election slate.

Timeframe: Not specified

Status: Closed   Updated: 30 September 2022

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ARIN Comment

30 September 2022

Thank you for your suggestion, numbered 2021.26 on confirmed receipt, asking for more transparency provided by the Nomination Committee to the community regarding the outcome of their evaluation of nominees. Your suggestion was included in the Board’s discussion, alongside the feedback from the community Consultations on ARIN Elections conducted earlier in 2022. This resulted in updates to ARIN’s Bylaws and Election Process, which were announced to the community on 7 June 2022, and which are being used for the current ARIN Elections.

The Board adopted significant changes that include providing additional detail on the evaluation of candidates as part of the announcement of the slate of candidates. Under the new process, only candidates that are found to be “Unable to Qualify” are declined from inclusion on the slate. We are closing this suggestion now that the Board has completed their work to revise the Election Process and related Bylaws. We thank you for your participation in ARIN’s Consultation and Suggestion Process.


American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

17 November 2021

Thank you for your suggestion, numbered 2021.26 upon confirmed receipt, suggesting a reporting framework for application feedback for nominees for candidacy for the Board of Trustees and Advisory Council.

Given that changes to the ARIN Election processes and Bylaws are under the authority of the ARIN Board of Trustees, this suggestion will be provided to the ARIN Board for future consideration.

This suggestion will remain open pending resolution by the ARIN Board of Trustees. Thank you for your participation in the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process.