ACSP Suggestion 2021.23: Reporting Framework for Application Feedback for Nominees


Author: Leif Sawyer   
Submitted On: 19 October 2021


NomCom does not currently have a way to react to allegations of impropriety. My proposal is to have a standardized template for providing feedback to the candidates.

For application feedback, all rejected candidates should receive boilerplate language, noting that this can also be used for NomCom candidates by the selecting NomCom board members, which should be standardized and impartial.

An example could then be:

Candidate was not selected due to issues or deficiencies in the following checked areas:

  • business
  • governance
  • ethics
  • communication
  • financial
  • education

Additionally, we could also provide checkbox’d options for candidates to improve for future submissions:

  • business or sexual harassment ethics classes
  • additional board experience
  • additional relevant sector education
  • etc…

This would provide the requested transparency without becoming personalized.

A potential issue for candidates would be those who are unaware of allegations or specific deficiencies. There remains available the option to provide more detailed feedback to the candidate, as permitted by Legal review, upon the candidate’s request. This private, detailed explanation would then be made public for rejected candidates if such candidates make a petition under ARIN Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 2.b. Further, the Board should consider amendments to the Bylaws if they are needed to allow such action.

Value to Community: This would improve the NomCom process by providing a known level of transparency to the process.

Timeframe: Not specified

Status: Open   Updated: 26 October 2021

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

26 October 2021

Thank you for your suggestion, numbered 2021.23 upon confirmed receipt, suggesting a reporting framework for application feedback for nominees to the NomCom and nominees for candidacy for the Board of Trustees and Advisory Council.

Given that changes to the ARIN Election processes and Bylaws are under the authority of the ARIN Board of Trustees, this suggestion will be provided to the ARIN Board for future consideration.

This suggestion will remain open pending resolution by the ARIN Board of Trustees. Thank you for your participation in the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process.