ACSP Suggestion 2015.1: Clarification of ARIN's IPv4 Countdown Phases


Author: Robert Seastrom   
Submitted On: 23 January 2015


Submitter seeks clarification of ARIN’s countdown phases ( and intended operational practices after the ARIN general free pool becomes empty, implying that we are substantially in a transfer-only ecosystem.

Does ARIN remain in Phase 4 of the IPv4 Countdown Plan, and if not, what is Phase 5?

Value to Community: There may be policy tweaks or further ACSP suggestions warranted based on ARIN’s operational plans.

Timeframe: Immediate

Status: Closed   Updated: 10 February 2015

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ARIN Comment

10 February 2015

Going forward, including after the depletion of ARIN’s IPv4 free pool, we intend to remain in Phase 4 for requests submitted against ARIN’s IPv4 free pool. We anticipate requests for IPv4 address space from the ARIN free pool to continue following depletion with customers electing to be placed on the waiting list for unment requests, as specified in paragraph 4.1.8 of the ARIN Number Resource Policy Manual. We do not currently plan to create a 5th phase for IPv4 depletion procedures. We have recently published information on the ARIN public website to increase clarity on this matter.

AS number requests, IPv6 requests, and transfer requests of all types will be processed as normal, and not reviewed in accordance with the phased countdown procedures.

Thank you again for using the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process. This request for clarification will now be closed. If you wish to submit a related suggestion based on this response, please submit a new suggestion.