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IPv4 Depletion

Remaining IPv4 Inventory
Discrete Block Size (CIDR) Number of Blocks Available
View the block size distribution of ARIN's remaining IPv4 inventory at

Per policy, a /10 was reserved out of the last /8 to facilitate IPv6 deployment and that space is not included in our inventory count.

The ARIN IPv4 Countdown Plan is in Phase 4, and we will continue working in Phase 4 as we move toward full depletion of ARIN's available IPv4 inventory. All IPv4 requests will be reviewed in the order they were received according to their timestamp. ARIN's resource analysts will respond to tickets as they appear chronologically in the queue. Each ticket response is treated as an individual transaction, so the completion time of a single request may vary based on customer response times and the number of requests waiting in the queue. ARIN will not be adding a Phase 5 at IPv4 depletion but will continue to follow Phase 4 procedures when IPv4 needs will be met through the IPv4 address transfers and the IPv4 waiting list. Visit the IPv4 Countdown Plan for more information.

Notes about Reporting of ARIN IPv4 Inventory

Please note that you will continue to see IPv4 blocks larger than what remains in the inventory issued from ARIN over the next 60 days. The reason for this is that when an organization is approved for IPv4 address space, they are granted an approval that is valid for 60 days. At the time of approval, the approved block size is placed on 60-day temporary hold for the organization. Inside this 60 day period, the organization pays any outstanding registration fees and signs a Registration Services Agreement, if one is not already on file. After this has all been done, the organization is issued the block that was held for them. If you see a block being issued by ARIN that is larger than what remains in the IPv4 inventory, it is for approvals that were granted up to two months ago.

Also, note that the total on the Remaining IPv4 Inventory counter does NOT match the daily arin-issued list, because that list includes IPv4 address space issued via 8.3 transfer.

IPv4 Address Options

Due to IPv4 depletion, ARIN may not be able to fulfill requests for IPv4 address space. This means we may be unable to fulfill a particular customer request for certain sizes of IPv4 address blocks, though not necessarily that we are out of IPv4 addresses entirely.

In such circumstance, your options for getting address space are:

  • Check the remaining IPv4 space inventory – if we have the size block you need, you may wish to submit an IPv4 address request.
  • If we don't have the specific size of address block requested, you have several options:
    • Submit an IPv4 request and go on the Waiting List for Unmet Requests - Requests on the waiting list can only be filled when ARIN adds IPv4 address space to its available IPv4 inventory. This usually occurs when a registrant returns IPv4 address; upon revocation by ARIN (typically for non-payment of annual fees); after address space distribution to ARIN by Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA); or when otherwise made available to be re-issued.
    • Seek IPv4 address space via a Transfer to Specified Recipients (NRPM 8.3 or NRPM 8.4)
      • If you have identified an organization that is interested in transferring an IPv4 address block to you, you can enter directly into the Transfer Process via ARIN Online.
      • If you are looking for an organization with IPv4 addresses to transfer, you can get pre-approved for a transfer while you locate available resources. Pre-approvals are valid for 24-months.
      • You can register for ARIN's Specified Transfer Listing Service to help find an organization that ARIN has validated as having IPv4 resources eligible for transfer.
  • To ensure the growth of your network well into the future, you might also consider requesting IPv6 address space directly from ARIN.
    • Note: Organizations needing a small block of IPv4 address space to facilitate the transition to IPv6 are eligible to receive an IPv4 address space from a block reserved specifically for this purpose (per NRPM 4.10).

Please refer to the IPv4 Depletion FAQ for more details about the history and status of the ARIN free pool.

A Note About Our /8 Inventory Counter

The counter shows the number of /8s remaining. The numbers after the decimal point are equivalent to a percentage (so 5.22 /8s is 5 /8s + 22% of a 6th /8). There are some days and even weeks where the total reported on the website won't change very much (if at all). Why? Because the threshold we need to cross is pretty significant. 1% of a /8 is more than 2.5 /16s worth of space. That's a lot of space to give out, and there will be some stretches of days or even weeks where ARIN does not give out 2.5 /16s worth of addresses.

Please be advised that the counter is for informational purposes only and is provided as-is. We strive to keep the information up-to-date and update the counter once a day. You however should not rely on the counter when making decisions on the timing of your requests for space. We suggest that if you require space that you submit your request as soon as possible.

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