ACSP Suggestion 2014.8: Publish an Operational and Procedural Guide


Author: Marla Azinger   
Submitted On: 13 April 2014

Description: Require ARIN to publish an Operational and Procedural Guide on ARIN.NET to how they conduct business. To many proposals are submitted that try to add and remove these items because no one has anywhere to reference them. Additionally, this would create transparency where their is not. For example, ARIN will ask some companies to provide Router output details while they don’t others. This is an unfair business practice. The point being, transparency and knowing what standards are is important.

Timeframe: Immediate

Status: Closed   Updated: 22 May 2014

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ARIN Comment

22 May 2014

Thank you for your suggestion to have ARIN produce an operational and procedural guide on We are in the process of creating additional operational documentation, including detailed requirements for each type of request. We will be publishing the additional documentation within the next three to six months. Please note that the documentation requested during a resource request varies according to many factors, such as the type of service being provided, the policy being used to request space, and the specific circumstances of the request, including the ability of staff to verify the accuracy of the request data and any factors indicative of potential fraud.

Thanks again and this suggestion is now closed.