ACSP Consultation 2008.2: Daily Publication of IP Addresses Issued and Returned

Consultation Tracking Information

  • Requested By: ARIN President
  • Status: Closed
  • Comments Opened: Linked to Discussion Archives: 27 March 2008
  • Comments Closed: 10 April 2008
  • Suggestion Number: 2008.2

Consultation Description

ARIN would like to consult the community on the merits of the second part of Suggestion 2008-2 [excerpt below, full suggestion at 2008-2]:

“In addition, ARIN should publish a report of addresses returned, and addresses issued, in the form of a mailing list (with daily email) and an RSS feed. This will only contain allocations/assignments made directly by ARIN or address blocks returned to ARIN’s free pool. The intent is that RBL operators can subscribe to such a feed and keep their own lists clean.”

Although there is some merit in allowing the community prompt visibility to both the IP blocks being returned to ARIN’s available pool of addresses and the IP blocks being issued by ARIN to the community, we also see this as a potential target for abuse. Specifically, certain parties may take the opportunity to use and announce IP addresses from these ranges without having the administrative authority to do so. To that end, there are two questions we like to ask the community:

  1. Does the community think that the merits of this proposal outweigh the potential for abuse?

  2. If the merits do outweigh the abuse, what sorts of suggestions do you have to mitigate potential for abuse?

Please submit your feedback to the You can subscribe to the arin-consult mailing list at

Discussion on consult at will close at 5:00 PM EDT 10 April. Depending upon the discussion, ARIN may decide to conduct a poll on the topic during the following week. Only subscribers on the list when the poll opens will be eligible to participate.

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