ROW 13

4 June 2024

Location: Virtual
Category: Community Events, Industry Events
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Collaborating to Advance RPKI: New Initiatives and Global Progress
Tuesday, 4 June, from 13:05 to 13:30 UTC
Presented by: Brad Gorman, ARIN Senior Product Owner of Routing Security, and Sofia Silva Berenguer, NRO RPKI Program Manager

Recently, a collaboration was initiated between the Number Resource Organization (NRO) and the Regional Internet Registries to propel the advancement and global adoption of Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI). Sofia Silva Berenguer, the NRO’s RPKI Program Manager, will detail the program’s objectives and solicit feedback on its initiatives from the technical community. Following this, Brad Gorman, Senior Product Owner of Routing Security at ARIN, will offer a comprehensive update on RPKI adoption rates and other notable updates within the global RPKI community.

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