Internet2 Technology Exchange

18 September 2023 – 21 September 2023

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Category: Community Events, Industry Meetings
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The event, held at the Hilton Minneapolis, brings together a community of technical visionaries — a group that includes the most inventive chief technologists, scientists, engineers, architects, operators, and students — in a forum for debate, discussion, and conversations critical to ensuring that global technology leaders are aligned and moving forward together.

Session: Enabling RPKI
Presented by: John Sweeting, ARIN Chief Customer Officer
Wednesday, 20 September, 10:20 a.m.-11:10 a.m.

Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) products are opt-in services that can help mitigate the impact of unintentional misconfigurations or malicious attempts to hijack IP address resources. If your resources are already under a Registration Services Agreement (RSA), we’ll help you start using RPKI immediately. If you hold legacy resources not under agreement, we’ll help you learn how to sign a Legacy RSA and lock in lower annual fees prior to a fee change that’s coming at the end of 2023. Find out all the information required for you to participate in ARIN’s RPKI service to strengthen your routing security and establish an agreement with ARIN before the legacy rates expire.

ARIN Help Desk
Personalized, in-person assistance from ARIN Senior Technology Architect Jon Worley.

Have questions about Internet number resources, ARIN membership and service agreements, or resource and routing security management tools? Our expert staff is ready to connect with you face-to-face and one-on-one at the ARIN Help Desk to provide answers. The Help Desk is your one-stop source for ARIN info and support, whether you’re:

We’ll be happy to chat about all these things and more, including the latest updates from ARIN. Plus, we can aid with any current or planned resource requests.

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