Meeting of the ARIN Advisory Council - 21 December 2023



  • Leif Sawyer, Chair (LS)
  • Kat Hunter, Vice Chair (KH)
  • Doug Camin (DC)
  • Andrew Dul (AD)
  • Gerry George (GG)
  • Brian Jones (BJ)
  • Anita Nikolich (AN)
  • Amy Potter (AP)
  • Gus Reese (GR)
  • Chris Tacit (CT)
  • Alicia Trotman (AT)
  • Matthew Wilder (MW)
  • Alison Wood (AW)
  • Chris Woodfield (CW)

ARIN Staff:

  • Michael Abejuela, General Counsel
  • Jason Byrne, Sr. Customer Success Analyst
  • Jenny Fulmer, (JF) Staff Attorney
  • Lisa Liedel, Director, Registration Services
  • Therese Simcox, Sr. E.A./Scribe
  • John Sweeting, Chief Customer Officer


  • Kendrick Knowles

Observers (2024 Member-elected AC Members)

  • Matthew Gamble
  • Elizabeth Goodson
  • Kaitlyn Pellak
  • Daniel Schatte

1. Welcome

The Chair called the meeting to order at 4:03 p.m. ET. The presence of a quorum was noted. The Chair acknowledged regrets received and welcomed the 2024 member-elect AC Observers. The Chair explained that observers can ask questions but do not yet have voting rights, which will begin upon their being seated to the AC as of 1 January.

2. Agenda Review

The Chair reviewed the agenda with the Council and called for any comments. There were no comments.

3. Approval of the Minutes

(Exhibit A)

“The ARIN Advisory Council approves the Minutes of 16 November 2023, as written.”

The Chair called for any objections to the Minutes as written. There were no comments.

The motion carried with no objections.

4. Draft Policy ARIN 2022-12: Direct Assignment Language Update.

DC stated that there have not been any changes been made to the policy. He reached out to individuals who were interested in crafting superseding proposals, but has not received any responses. The policy shepherds will meet after the new year to discuss next steps.

BJ stated that there have not been any changes to this policy, and they are soliciting feedback and waiting to present the policy at ARIN 53.

6. Draft Policy ARIN 2023-2: /26 initial IPv4 allocation for IXPs.

MW noted technical challenges in reverse DNS allocations less than /24 and feedback received indicated that there was not a lot of community support for shrinking allocation size.

It was moved by MW, and seconded by BJ, that:

“The ARIN Advisory Council abandons Draft Policy ARIN 2023-2: /26 initial IPv4 allocation for IXPs.”

The Chair called for comments. MW stated that there may be other parts of this policy worth strengthening, such as adding clearer definitions for IXPs. However, because this would involve a different problem statement, it would best be handled in a new policy proposal.

CW stated he was the author of the draft policy and he had crafted the policy based on deliberations that were had in the RIPE region, where there is support for this size allocation. CW noted however that, in general, policies that substantially restrict the usage of resources tend not to be well-received in the ARIN region. In the past, proposals or changes that restrict the Community’s ability to use resources come from an emergency action (Board action) like the waitlist change that occurred a few years ago. CW suggested that given this, Council should ask the Board to monitor and act when or if necessary.

MW further noted a key matter that makes ARIN different from RIPE (which adopted a similar policy) and APNIC (where a similar policy is being considered) is that ARIN’s Section 4 policies provide the means for replenishment of this reserved pool and gives the ARIN community a reason to keep it at the current allocation size of a /24. The other regions have defined, limited space without means for replenishment.

The motion to abandon carried with all in favor, via roll call vote.

The Chair asked MW statement of abandonment to staff.

7. Draft Policy ARIN-2023-4: Modernization of Registration Requirements.

AN stated that after ARIN 52, the shepherds worked on changes and a a staff and legal review was conducted. There were no comments received on the Public Policy Mailing List (PPML). The Chair asked if the changes were substantive enough to have a new staff and legal review conducted, or if they were scoped to the current review. AN confirmed the changes were scoped to the current staff and legal review.

It was moved by AN and seconded by AW, that:

“The ARIN Advisory Council moves ‘Draft Policy ARIN-2023-4: Modernization of Registration Requirements’ to Recommended Draft Policy status.”

The Chair called for comments. There were no comments.

The motion carried with 11 in favor, and two against (AD, AN) via roll call vote.

(GG had needed to step away from the meeting before the vote and returned at this time, 4:15 p.m., after the vote.)

AW stated that this policy is awaiting presentation at ARIN 53 next April.

9. ARIN-2023-6: ARIN Waitlist Qualification.

AT stated that the policy shepherds are still monitoring and soliciting feedback on the PPML, which has been fairly quiet.

10. ARIN-2023-7: Clarification of NRPM Sections 4.5 and 6.11 Multiple Discrete Networks and the addition of new Section 2.18 Organizational Identifier (Org ID).

CW stated that based on community feedback, they removed Section 2.18 Org ID language limited changes to Sections 4.5 and 6.11. They have submitted a new proposal separate from this policy with regard to the org ID language. The modifications were posted to the PPML yesterday.

The Chair noted, for the new proposal, that the policy shepherds will be assigned when he receives the request.

The Vice Chair asked if there was an adjustment to this draft policy’s title to remove “2.18”. CW responded that an adjustment has been made.

11. Draft Policy ARIN-2023-8: Reduce 4.18 Maximum Allocation.

GG stated that this policy referenced 4.18, but it should be 4.1.8. He reached out to the author who agreed it was a typographical error. There was a suggestion from staff, in an effort to reduce the number of adjustments, to add a note to the end identifying it as “4.1.8”. There have been comments that it is in line with other sections due to the proposed changes. The shepherds will review the comments and streamline the text for the next meeting. The Chair agreed.

Counsel asked if the title of this policy should also be changed. GG stated it should be changed. GG further noted one comment, based on the previous issuance of addresses, hinted as to whether the policy is still relevant based on presentations made at ARIN 52. The shepherds will consider this as well. The Chair thanked him.

12. ARIN-prop-326: Replace Specified Transfers with Monthly Single-Price Auction.

AW stated that the shepherds worked with the author a lot remove language regarding references to revenue and/or money. The author was very concerned that the proposal was not moved forward to draft policy status and the shepherds explained how the process works. She asked AC for any thoughts - if they had a chance to review the changes made – noting it will take a while to work through it.

The Chair stated that he did not yet have a chance to review the changes. The Vice Chair noted the changes were made, but pointed out that there is still a reference to auction revenue percentages. She stated that is a Board-level decision and makes the proposal still out of scope. She did recognize that the other fee language had been removed. AW thanked the Vice Chair and stated that she will work on the language further with the shepherds.

The CCO suggested that AW reach out to the author prior to posting any messages regarding further updates to the proposal. AW agreed.

MW stated that he looks to the policy shepherds to determine if this policy is in scope and to make it clear to the author that the Policy Development Process (PDP) is in place for a reason, as well as feedback from the Community. AW acknowledged his comment.

13. ARIN AC Working Groups

  • Number Resource Policy Manual Working Group (NRPM WG) Update. CT stated that emails were posted to the PPML regarding Section 6 and that the WG might require changes for input. He noted he was not at the last WG meeting, and that MW or BJ may have further updates.

    MW stated that their last WG meeting went well, and they found it has been a productive endeavor to post to the PPML, as it gets the Community thinking about Section 6.

    BJ noted there has also been a lot more discussion regarding LIR versus ISP than was expected.

    AD advised, as he would be leaving the AC, that future WG members think of what problems they are trying to solve and focus on problems that need to be solved - one can always be improving the text. He pointed out that the Community has limited capacity for policies to actively engage in, and suggested that the AC think about which AC-generated policies are put before the Community as something they should spend their time reviewing. Otherwise, many postings can lead to Community members ignoring the posts which can lead to problems with policies.

    DC stated that he appreciated the effort to engage the members on the PPML as it is helpful as this effort can be challenging. He stated it is valuable and helps reinforce the connection to the community at large.

  • Policy Experience Report Working Group (PER WG) Update. AW stated that GG is working on a policy and also on one regarding 4.10 space. The PPML had only two responses regarding 4.10 space - that no action was required, and that staff is handling the space and declining requests appropriately. She asked the CCO how the staff felt about that comment. The CCO agreed and stated that he also received separate feedback that ARIN is doing the right thing.

    AW also thanked out-going AC member AN, and hoped that AN would stay on the PERWG regardless, if she so chose.

14. Any Other Business

The Chair called for any other business items.

  • Changes in Employment and Affiliation. None reported.

  • Speaker Training. The Chair noted that there will be a speaker training session directly following the AC’s February teleconference and to please block time for 2 hours for the February meeting and the session. Information will be forthcoming

  • 2024 AC Chair Selection. The Chair stated that staff sent an email about the Chair selection, and asked the AC to follow the process on the ARIN website. He noted that if only one person is nominated, they become the Chair; if there is more than one nominee, then there will be a vote to decide the new Chair. The Chair stated he will not be re-running for the position, and he encouraged a vote for Kat Hunter as Chair for 2024.

  • 2024 AC Travel Selection Process. The Chair explained that AC members can attend one non-ARIN meeting a year for development and understanding of policy processes; and names will be drawn after the new Chair is elected.

  • 2024 January AC Face-to-Face Meeting. The Chair noted the location of the meeting in Honolulu, and urged any AC member who has not arranged their travel to please do so asap. If any member has an issue with traveling, ARIN will be providing the capability for a hybrid meeting.

  • Farewell to Outgoing AC Members. The Chair moved the following motions which were carried in acclamation by the Council.

    “The ARIN Advisory Council extends its deepest gratitude to the following out-going AC Members for their years of dedication and contributions to the Council: Andrew Dul, Anita Nikolich, Amy Potter, and Chris Tacit.”

    “The ARIN Advisory Council congratulates Chris Tacit on his election to the ARIN Board of Trustees, wishing him all the best and looking forward to working with him in his new role.”

    The Chair stated the outgoing AC members have been great colleagues and friends, and he very much looked forward to seeing them again at ARIN 53 next year.

    The CCO stated on behalf of John Curran, President & CEO, Richard Jimmerson, COO, and all of the ARIN staff, sincerest appreciation for all of the years of volunteer efforts and support from the outgoing AC members. The CCO stated that the AC is losing 34 cumulative years of policy experience with their departure. He stated that AD has been a stalwart on the AC for many, many years and has provided much of his time and effort to ARIN, as well as CT and AP. He stated that AN has done an amazing job while on the AC. The CCO stated that staff appreciates everything the members have done, and that staff is still available to support them even after they leave the AC. He offered them to reach out to staff anytime with questions that they may have, and thanked them all very much.

    General Counsel also thanked the outgoing AC members, stating it has been a great experience working with them. He hoped to see them at the next ARIN meeting and thanked them for their hard work and many years of service.

15. Adjournment

The Chair entertained a motion to adjourn at 4:42 p.m. ET. MW moved to adjourn, seconded by KH. The meeting adjourned with no objections.