ACSP Suggestion 2015.12: Free IPv6 for IPv4 holders

Author: Alfie Cleveland

Submitted On: 08 August 2015


Description: I suggest that ARIN adopt a similar policy to APNIC in which current holders of IPv4 are automatically eligible to receive IPv6 free of charge. Under Section 9.3.1. of the [APNIC-127] APNIC Internet Number Resource Policies, automatically qualify for IPv6 delegation if they hold IPv4 but not IPv6. I suggest that the block received would be a /48 - these are in abundance with IPv6 being 128bit. Value to Community: This would be extremely valuable to the community and would allow organisations who hold IPv4 to receive IPv6 without a long wait time.

Timeframe: Not specified

Suggestion Information

Status: Closed

Updated: 10 August 2015

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ARIN Comment

10 August 2015

Thanks for your suggestion, numbered 2015.12 upon confirmed receipt, to make IPv4 resource holders automatically eligible to receive free IPv6 resources. This suggestion concerns Internet number resource policy, and would be better directed through the ARIN Policy Development Process. We recommend you post your proposal on the ARIN Public Policy Mailing List for comment prior to submitting a formal proposal. We do hope you will pursue putting this suggestion to the community to see if there is interest in moving it forward as a proposal.
Because your request is out of scope of the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion process (ACSP) this suggestion is now closed.

ARIN Comment

12 August 2015

Following further review, we realized our response to your suggestion was incomplete.

Note that ARIN has already made some provisions in its fee schedule to encourage IPv6 adoption by providing that ISPs may receive approved IPv6 requests up to the organization's existing service category at no additional charge.

For example, a medium service category ISP holding a /17 IPv4 block can receive up to a /28 IPv6 block and will not incur any additional fees as its service category does not change as a result. For ISPs holding both ARIN-issued IPv4 and IPv6 allocations, the annual fee is based on the registration service category large enough to accommodate their IPv4 and IPv6 holdings.

For end users, issuance of a /48 IPv6 block (as you suggested) would be subject to an initial $500 registration fee and an annual maintenance fee of $100. Upon further review of your suggestion, it is apparent that you propose the elimination or waiver of these fees for end-users who also hold IPv4 resources. That suggestion will be provided to the ARIN Board Finance Committee for their consideration.