ACSP Suggestion 2014.2: Issue with Third-Party Software

Author: Khadijah Corulla

Submitted On: 01 February 2014


Please I'm using the NetAnalyzer but I'm not sure I am pinged in correctly I don't know how to get it inter graded with my IP

Timeframe: Immediate

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Status: Closed

Updated: 03 February 2014

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ARIN Comment

03 February 2014

Thank you for Suggestion 2014.2 in which you ask for help with regard to using NetAnalyzer.
As your issue doesn't seem to have anything to do with the work of ARIN, I suggest that you contact the vendor of NetAnalyzer to explain your problem and seek assistance.

As it doesn't appear that you are making a suggestion about ARIN operations, or that we can assist you with your issue, we are closing this suggestion.