ACSP Suggestion 2007.3: Allocation of IP addresses to individuals

Author: Peter Sherbin

Submitted On: 31 January 2007


With the manyfold increase in IP address allocation space provided by IPv6, this may be the right time to frame a policy allowing for 'allocation of IP addresses to individuals'. I believe that an IP address will become as relevant, if not more so, than the personal cell phone number of an individual, in the medium term future. This may be the right time to implement the holy grail of telephony - "one man, one [IP] number, for a lifetime".
For that, the basic premise that the ownership of an IP address lies is the public domain needs to be re-evaluated, and long term assignments of IP addresses with the payment of a one-time fee upfront, may also need to be considered.

Timeframe: six-months

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Status: Completed

Updated: 12 February 2007

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ARIN Comment

12 February 2007

Author referred to the Internet Resource Policy Development Process (IRPEP).

Suggestion 2007.3 is now closed.