ACSP Suggestion 2006.5: Asking Questions About the ACSP

Author: Edward Lewis

Submitted On: 21 September 2006


Is there a way (or what is the right way) to review (i.e. ask questions about) the ACSP? Can one be set up?

For example, what is meant by "ARIN having to consult with the membership" in the Objective? I thought the membership was ARIN.

Timeframe: St. Louis meeting

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Status: Completed

Updated: 18 October 2006

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ARIN Comment

18 October 2006

Author was referred to

General inquiries about ARIN operations and services should be sent to for a response from Member Services. Please note that we have added this information in the upper right corner of the ACSP web page:

Suggestion 2006.5 is now closed.