Reporting a Whois Inaccuracy

If you’ve found an inaccuracy in ARIN’s public Whois, you have a few options for correcting the error, depending on if the record is your own or someone else’s.

Correcting Your Own Whois Record

If you’ve discovered a mistake on your own Whois record, you can correct the inaccuracy yourself using ARIN Online. Simply log in, choose Your Records from the navigation menu, and then choose the record type that needs to be updated. If you do not have an ARIN Online account, you may create one by choosing Log In on any ARIN page and choosing the Create User Account option.

Note: There are permission restrictions associated with updating your information in ARIN Online; refer to the following guidelines.

  • If a Point of Contact (POC) needs to be corrected, the person logging in needs to have their user account linked to the POC.
  • If an Organization Identifier (Org ID) needs to be corrected, the person’s user account must be linked to the Admin or Tech POC of the Org ID to modify its information. If you are unable to link your user account to the Admin or Tech POC for the Org ID, you may need to request an Organization Recovery.
  • ARIN Online users linked to any POC handles marked as invalid will not be able to use ARIN Online until they validate the accuracy of their data. ARIN policy (NRPM 3.6) requires that POC data be validated at least once per year. To learn more about POCs and how to validate them, visit Point of Contact (POC) Records.

Suggesting a Correction for Someone Else’s Record

Use our Report Whois Inaccuracy form to suggest a correction to someone else’s record. When you submit a Whois inaccuracy report, ARIN staff will review, investigate, and take appropriate action for any confirmed inaccuracy.

Note: As the reporter, your information will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to the subject organization.

Reporting Suspected Fraud

To learn more about fraud and ARIN’s fraud review process, visit our Internet Number Resource Fraud Reporting page. From there, you can submit a fraud reporting form so that ARIN may look into the issue.