Open-source Template Processor (TP)

For organizations who have not transitioned to ARIN’s Registration RESTtful Service (Reg-RWS) to manage their registration records, ARIN has created an open-source Template Processor (TP) as an alternative method to submit SWIP email templates.

ARIN is planning to retire its original email template processor on 3 June 2024. If you are an ARIN customer who relies on templates to manage your registration records, we encourage you to transition to our Reg-RWS service at the earliest opportunity.

This open-source software can help you provide network reassignment/reallocation information to ARIN using traditional email templates. You will need to send the email templates to an email server that you run, and this software will convert and submit them to ARIN using ARIN’s RESTful API.

ARIN’s Template Processor (TP) allows you to process various ARIN email templates yourself while interacting with the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service you operate and with the Registration RESTful Service (Reg-RWS) that ARIN operates.


To use ARIN’s Template Processor, you must have an ARIN Online user account with a valid API Key and these programs installed:

  • Git
  • Java 11 (or higher)
  • Docker Engine

This documentation on ARIN’s GitHub describes how to build, run, and further develop the Template Processor software.