Bulk Whois Readme

This “readme” file is provided with downloads of Bulk Whois data. Please visit Bulk Whois Data for more information on how to obtain Bulk Whois data, the description of elements, and schema validation instructions.

The publication of bulk Whois data is provided subject to an approved request under ARIN’s Bulk Whois Terms of Use (ToU).

ARIN’s Whois data is for Internet operational or technical research purposes pertaining to Internet operations only. It may not be used for advertising, direct marketing, marketing research, or similar purposes. Use of ARIN’s Whois data for these activities is explicitly forbidden. ARIN requests to be notified of any such activities or suspicions thereof.

Redistributing bulk ARIN Whois data is explicitly forbidden. Distribution of derivative data is only permitted with the express written permission of ARIN and under the same terms as this ToU. It is permissible to publish the data on an individual query or small number of queries at a time basis, as long as reasonable precautions are taken to prevent automated querying by database harvesters.

By retrieving this data, you agree to the acceptable use policy for ARIN’s Whois data and confirm the accuracy of the information provided in your request.

Report Summary

This report contains the POC records, organization records, and AS, IPv4, and IPv6 registrations that are displayed in ARIN’s public Whois.

Contents of ZIP File

the report in XML format
the legacy bulk Whois format
the XSLT template used to generate the legacy format from the XML format
directory of RelaxNG schema files that define the xml document above
this file

More Information

The description of elements and schema validation instructions are available at Bulk Whois Data.