Planned Functionality

ARIN’s goal is to allow individuals and organizations to manage their ARIN records, requests, and correspondence online. In addition to developing the online account management system, ARIN keeps track of community and internal recommendations for new services and improvements. These items await prioritization, planning, and approval before work can commence. ARIN encourages community input on future upgrades and services. Information gleaned from community feedback, received both online and in person, will be used by ARIN management to help prioritize future work.

The information below outlines the software functionality that is currently in development, as well as additional functionality and other new services awaiting implementation. Together, these lists provide a general overview to give a sense of the scope of our software development efforts.

Note: For a list of existing ARIN Online Functionality, visit the ARIN Software Releases page.

Engineering Projects Planned for 2021

  • Supporting Premier Support Services
  • Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) routing improvements
  • Phase II of the Internet Routing Registry (IRR)
  • Election system improvements
  • DNSSEC improvements
  • Continued exploration of how cloud services could be utilized within the organization
  • Network and Infrastructure maintenance and improvements
  • Technical debt drawdown, bug fixes, and application changes based on policy

Project Prioritization

We conduct planning sessions annually for the review and approval of the ARIN Board of Trustees. The resulting strategic plan is published upon approval. Inputs to this process include:

Many factors influence the software development schedule, and emerging issues can result in changes to our work plans that impact delivery of scheduled work.

  • Planned Functionality