ARIN-prop-336: Remove outdated carveout for Community Networks

Date: 18 June 2024

Proposal Originator: Tyler O’Meara

Problem Statement:

Sections 2.11 and 6.5.9 define Community Networks, and provide special dispensation for Community Networks to receive only a /40 of IPv6 space. When these sections were last materially updated in 2017 (ARIN-2017-8), the smallest allowed allocation to a normal ARIN LIR was a /36, so the Community Networks sections still provided value. In 2020 (ARIN-2020-3) however, the NRPM was amended such that any LIR may request to receive only a /40 for any reason. As such, the carveout for Community Networks to receive a /40 is no longer necessary, and potentially confusing.

Policy Statement:

Retire Sections 2.11 and 6.5.9

Timetable for Implementation: Immediate