ARIN-prop-328: Definition of Organization ID/Org ID

Date: 18 December 2023

Proposal Originator: Chris Woodfield

Problem Statement:

During work on a related policy proposal, the NRPM Working Group determined that a definition of Organization Identifier (Org ID) should be included in the NRPM to add clarity to the term and unify NRPM references to match the use of the term in other ARIN publications such as ARIN online.

Policy Statement:

Current: None


Section 2.18 Organizational Identifier (Org ID)

An Organizational Identifier (Org ID) is a record that represents a business, non-profit corporation, or government entity in the ARIN database. An entity must have an Organizational Identifier (Org ID) to request Internet Number Resources.

Timetable for Implementation: Immediate.

Comments: This definition had previously been included in an earlier policy proposal (ARIN-2023-7), but community feedback recommendations on that proposal showed a preference for adding the definition separately from that proposal. As such the definition is now being proposed as a standalone proposal, and the language will be removed from the current ARIN-2023-7 proposal, allowing the two sections of that proposal to be evaluated separately.