ARIN-prop-324: ARIN Waitlist Qualification

Date: 16 August 2023

Proposal Originator: Christian Tacit, Brian Jones, Matthew Wilder

Problem Statement:

Since the depletion of ARIN’s IPv4 address free pool, ARIN now issues general purpose IPv4 addresses exclusively from the Waitlist, which is described in section 4.1.8. ARIN Waitlist. Currently the text found in section 4.2 Allocations to ISPs (Requirements for Requesting Initial Address Space), 4.3 End-users - Assignments to End Users, and 4.5 Multiple Discrete Networks, might give some readers the impression that meeting these conditions is sufficient to justify the issuance of IPv4 addresses. Indeed these requirements do serve to complement section 4.1.8. ARIN Waitlist policy, as necessary - but not sufficient - conditions.

This proposal aims to make explicit the relationship between waitlist policy and the qualification for waitlist space based on section 4.2 for ISPs, section 4.3 for End-users, and section 4.5 for organizations making use of multiple discrete networks.

Policy Statement:

Add: Qualification

ARIN staff will evaluate section 4.1.8 ARIN Waitlist requests on the basis of relevant policies within other section 4 subsections as applicable. For example, staff may refer to section 4.2 for ISPs, section 4.3 for End-users, and section 4.5 for organizations with multiple discrete networks.

Comments: The working group evaluated the possibility of removing or collapsing 4.2 and 4.3 and their respective subsections. However, there are differences between ISPs and End Users which remain relevant, and ARIN staff references these respective sections when processing Waitlist requests.

Timetable for Implementation: Immediate