ACSP Suggestion 2021.10: API Enhancement to Return RPKI roaHandle


Author: Jebaraj Kennet   
Submitted On: 04 May 2021


For RPKI, ARIN API supports API and we found a limitation which we wanted to improve by providing this suggestion.

During delete ROA (using ARIN API), we are asked to send ROAHANDLE value which is only returned by ARIN , when we do bulk/whole download of ROA records in a given ORG-ID.

We wanted to suggest if ROAHANDLE can be returned in either of 2 ways ?

(1) as part of the CREATE ROA API response from ARIN (or)

(2) as part of the ticket summary/detail query API to check ticket status for ROA creation.

Value to Community: Verizon is targeting to create 10,000+ ROA records using ARIN’s API by end of Q2 2021. If Verizon has to query whole ROA records (from ARIN) in order to get ROAHANDLE to delete single ROA record, this is going to cause delay/latency for end-user to wait for us to process the bulk/whole ROA record response before we trigger the delete action.

Timeframe: Not specified

Status: Confirmed   Updated: 04 May 2021

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