ACSP Suggestion 2019.19: Billing Reminders for 4X and 5X Category


Author: Anonymous   
Submitted On: 10 October 2019

Description: I’d like to suggest companies of 4x and 5x size receive 60 or even 90 days notification instead of the standard 30 day notification/invoice before a membership bill is due. The monetary value of 4x and 5x invoices, many times require multiple financial documents and signatures to be filled out by different executives before the bill is due. This requires not only email but sometimes running from executive office to executive office getting sign off on the payment even with a purchase order already in place. As our company moves to automation, even our financial payments are done automatically. If I need to go outside that process because ARIN will not sign off on a vendor database, it takes even longer to get signatures completed because we are going “outside the process”.

Value to Community: This would allow members in the ARIN community additional time with very large accounts to have additional time to get the signatures in place before a bill is overdue. This is especially important during election periods. Additionally, you have to be a member in good standing to nominate a candidate for the advisory council. It would be sad if a candidate was unable to run because a member could not nominate them because of an overdue bill or a company could not vote because they did not get enough sign off in time.

Timeframe: Not specified

Status: Open   Updated: 25 October 2019

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ARIN Comment

25 October 2019

Thank you for your suggestion, numbered 2019.19 upon confirmed receipt, asking that ARIN provide earlier billing notification to 4x and 5x sized organizations. Per the current procedures documented on our website, we do send the original invoice to the Billing Contact of record 60 days in advance. However we don’t widen the distribution on reminders to include Admin and Tech Points of Contact (POC) until 30 days from the due date. We agree that this can create issues for some organizations, and we intend to make improvements to our system to accommodate your suggestion and allow Admin and Tech POCs to request additional billing notifications so they know when the Billing Contact will be receiving an invoice.

This suggestion will remain open until implemented.