ACSP Suggestion 2018.12: Request for Board Travel Report


Author: Anonymous   
Submitted On: 24 May 2018

Description: Publish quarterly reporting of ARIN board member travel & expense, including flights, hotels, meals, conference attendance fees, and miscellaneous expenses incurred while traveling as an ARIN representative; broken down by member.

Value to Community: This suggestion was originally submitted under 2017.20, which was closed out without the promised reporting for Q1 2018, or any further transparency.

Timeframe: Not specified

Status: Closed   Updated: 27 August 2018

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

27 August 2018

Thank you for your suggestion, numbered 2018.12 upon confirmed receipt, requesting a detailed quarterly reporting of the ARIN travel spending, as was originally requested in suggestion 2017.20.

There are many reasons that ARIN staff, ARIN Board, and ARIN community members travel on behalf of ARIN, and there are also many members of the ARIN community who travel to Internet community events who are not on ARIN funding at the time but on behalf of their employer or other organizations.

To improve community visibility into ARIN’s travel costs, we have begun publishing quarterly reports of ARIN-paid travel costs to significant Internet events. These reports include the date, event, location, and the total travel costs paid by ARIN (i.e. all ARIN staff, Board, or community member travel included).

We are closing your suggestion with the publishing of these reports. Thank you for your participation in the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process.