ACSP Suggestion 2016.4: Waiting list for 2 Byte ASNs


Author: Aaron Hughes   
Submitted On: 21 March 2016


Waiting list for 2 byte ASNs

Member comment “if they are really out - a waitinglist would be nice….”

Value to Community: One member said to me: Ticket from ARIN “We have noted your request for a 2-byte ASN. ARIN is out of 2-byte ASN’s in its inventory. We get them returned voluntarily from time to time. If we have one at the time of issuance, we will issue it to your organization. If we do not have a 2-byte in inventory at that time, your organization will receive the standard 4-byte ASN. "

Timeframe: Not specified

Status: Closed   Updated: 06 April 2016

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

30 March 2016

Thank you for your suggestion numbered 2016.04 - Waiting List for 2 Byte ASNs.


The NRPM included instructions in the past for ARIN staff to remove any distinction between 2-byte and 4-byte in the issuance of AS numbers. This particular policy language has since been retired in the NRPM.

Staff has followed policy regarding issuance of AS numbers, but has often had lower numbered, classic 2-byte, AS numbers available over time. We would either receive them in our new delegations from the IANA, obtain them from customer returns of AS numbers, or through revocations of AS numbers due to non-payment of registration fees. Although ARIN expects to no longer receive AS numbers from the IANA inside the classic 2-byte range, we do expect to continue reclaiming them through returns and revocations going forward.

Some AS number requests today continue to specifically ask for an AS number from the classic 2-byte range. In those situations we relay to the customer that we have noted their special request and that we will accommodate it at the issuance phase of the ticket process if one is available at the time.

The Suggestion

We understand your suggestion is to establish a waiting list for AS numbers from the classic 2-byte range for those customers who specifically request one when ARIN does not have them available. This waiting list would be similar to the IPv4 waiting list for unmet requests, but managed separately for AS numbers. Organizations would be placed on this AS number waiting list, and when one became available through reclamation at ARIN, it would be slated for the organization first on the waiting list.

Staff Action

ARIN staff can create a waiting list for 2-byte AS numbers if there is favor from the community to establish one. ARIN staff will open a consultation on the topic to gather feedback and take appropriate action based on information received through that process.

Thank you for participating in the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process. We will leave this suggestion open until a consultation has been completed on this topic and an implementation plan has been established.

ARIN Comment

06 April 2016

Community discussion of this suggestion has resulted in the topic being taken up by the ARIN Policy Development Process. This suggestion will be closed as a result, with no further action to be taken by staff at this time.