ACSP Suggestion 2016.1: Prohibit sale of IP Addresses and ASNs


Author: Michael Mastracchio   
Submitted On: 02 February 2016

Description: Make the sale or purchase of ipv4/ipv6/as numbers illegal.

Value to Community: People who are offering the sale or rent of ips are already in violation of arins policy. If they are unable to use these ips they should be returned to arin IP pool for others to be able to use. It is unfair to allow the direct sale of any IP block larger then /24. I believe this will free up a large amount of unused IP blocks and providing the freedom for others to connect and share the internet as intended.

Timeframe: Not specified

Status: Closed   Updated: 05 February 2016

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ARIN Comment

05 February 2016

Please note that (contrary to your assertion) parties may presently transfer their rights in IP address blocks in conformance with ARIN’s policies. The community has considered this matter over many years which has resulted in a number of transfer policies as found at:

These policies ultimately encourage accuracy in ARIN’s Whois and registry database. If you believe these policies should be modified, we encourage you to participate in ARIN’s Policy Development Process in two ways. First, you are welcome to comment on existing or potentially new policies on ARIN’s Public Policy Mailing List. Second, policy proposals can be submitted to ARIN consistent with the Policy Development Process.

To join the PPML, visit:

To learn more about the PDP, visit:

Thank you for participating in the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process. This suggestion is now closed.