ACSP Suggestion 2015.3: Tie Route Objects in IRR to Netblocks of RIR Database


Author: Kevin Blumberg   
Submitted On: 04 February 2015

Description: The ability to tie route objects in the ARIN’s IRR to netblocks of the RIR database. This would allow for IRR objects to be marked as authorized against a known trusted source.

Value to Community:

There has been an issue with the validity off IRR information in the ARIN region. In other regions the RIR’s have provided coupled IRR and RIR data to provide strong provenance.

Within the operator community there is increasing demand for trustworthy IRR data to improve the integrity of the routing system.

The ARIN community would benefit from Operators being able to protect themselves in a more meaningful way.

Timeframe: Immediate

Status: Closed   Updated: 25 June 2020

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

20 February 2015

Thank you for submitting your suggestion, numbered 2015.3, on the topic of tying route objects in ARIN’s IRR to netblocks of the RIR database. We have a community consultation planned for Q1 2015 to discuss this and other IRR related suggestions recently submitted. We will ensure the language of your suggestion is included in the consultation that will open in March.

ARIN Comment

12 May 2016

As a result of the Internet Routing Registry (IRR) Validation consultation that was completed in April 2015, the ARIN Board approved ARIN staff to begin development of an improved IRR in 2016 which would integrate IRR functionality into ARIN Online to allow one application to be used for the management of both registry and routing data. After additional community discussion about possible IRR alternatives, ARIN’s President and CEO directed that all IRR open suggestions be considered so that an ARIN IRR Roadmap may be developed which provides overall direction on how ARIN’s IRR services should evolve.

ARIN Comment

10 April 2018

The effort to satisfy this suggestion is currently part of our 2018 Work Plan. It will be closed upon completion.

ARIN Comment

25 June 2020

Thank you for your suggestion, numbered 2015.3 on confirmed receipt, asking that ARIN tie route objects in the ARIN’s Internet Routing Registry (IRR) to netblocks of the RIR database.

With our most recent deployment we launched the first phase of our new IRR, which users can publish routing information for any networks and AS numbers that are assigned to an Org ID that they’re associated with, and which are covered by a Registration Services Agreement (RSA). This allows ARIN the ability to validate the authority over the resources. You can learn more at Because this work has been completed, we are closing your suggestion. Thank you for your participation in the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process.