ACSP Suggestion 2015.13: ARIN Leadership Sucession Plan Inquiry


Author: David Huberman   
Submitted On: 02 September 2015


This question is for the entire Board to answer collectively.

What is the state of the Succession Plan? If John Curran had to leave us unexpectedly, is a solid/good plan in place to handle such a circumstance (both for the short-term impact and the long-term impact)?

Value to Community: I’m told the ACSP can be used to submit questions to the Board for public comment.

Timeframe: Not specified

Status: Closed   Updated: 09 September 2015

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ARIN Comment

09 September 2015

ARIN maintains a succession plan which encompasses all executive and senior management roles and responsibilities. The plan is reviewed internally by staff annually as well as periodically by the ARIN Board of Trustees. In the event of a vacancy with the President & CEO, then ARIN’s Bylaws and the succession plan calls for the COO to handle those duties in the interim while the Board of Trustees develops a long-term solution. Interim coverage of the President and CEO duties in this manner is routinely tested (in conjunction with vacation intervals.)

Thank you for your question; this suggestion is now closed.