ACSP Suggestion 2014.18: Increase Geographic Diversity of ARIN Board


Author: Heather Schiller   
Submitted On: 16 July 2014

Description: Increase the diversity of the ARIN Board of Trustees by requiring at least 1 representative from each region ARIN serves. (Canada, Caribbean or North Atlantic islands, and the United States)

Value to Community: Having a steward from each region ARIN serves would create a more balanced Board representative of all regions served by ARIN.

Timeframe: Immediate

Status: Closed   Updated: 18 July 2014

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ARIN Comment

18 July 2014

Thank you for your suggestion, numbered 2014.18, regarding increased diversity of the ARIN Board of Trustees.

The ARIN Board of Trustees has noted the need for diversity in the composition of the ARIN Board, although it has not established specific regional quotas in its guidance to the 2014 Nomination Committee.

Specifically, the NomCom Charter states that “The ARIN Board of Trustees notes that diversity in the composition of the Board and the Advisory Council (including but not limited to gender, industry, and geographic diversity) is encouraged, and provides this guidance to the 2014 NomCom for its consideration in the development of the candidate slate.”

Your suggestion for specific regional quotas will be provided to the ARIN Board of Trustees for consideration in formation of next year’s NomCom charter. This suggestion is now closed.