ACSP Suggestion 2014.1: Make Information About Returning Resources More Prominent On Website


Author: David Farmer   
Submitted On: 13 January 2014


Under the “Number Resources” heading of the ARIN navigation bar there should be a “Return Resources” option, explaining the process to return unused resources. If someone wants to return resources it shouldn’t really be that hard to find out how to do it.

There was even a previous suggestion 2011.4 where someone obviously couldn’t figure out how to return resources.

It is in the interest of the entire ARIN community that people who want to return resources can figure out how do so extremely easily.

Timeframe: Immediate

Status: Closed   Updated: 21 February 2014

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

22 January 2014

Thank you for your suggestion, which was numbered 2014.1 upon receipt. You raise a very valid point about the fact that the procedure for returning resources to ARIN is not prominent enough on our website.

We are now working on correcting this issue and are going to make some changes to our website so that this information is easier to find, as well as more accessible throughout the Resources section of the website.

ARIN will keep this suggestion open until it is completed.

ARIN Comment

21 February 2014

The dropdown menu under “Number Resources” has been modified to include a “Manage and Return Resources” tab. Content has been added to that page to clarify the process for modifying and returning resources. We believe these updates satisfy this suggestion, and it is now closed.