ACSP Suggestion 2012.18: Improve Request Submission Options


Author: Owen DeLong   
Submitted On: 19 October 2012


  1. ARIN should not phase out the channel for additional communication about requests. Ideally, restoring that as a channel for request submission should be restored.

  2. ARIN needs to provide much better tools for consultants to use to work with their customers on ARIN resource requests. The need for these better tools is a direct result of the conversion to ARIN on-line.

Prior to ARIN on-line, it was relatively easy to collaborate with my clients because we could pass the request information around in email and submit the template once it was finalized in the collaborative process. Ticket responses via email could be easily forwarded to the client and additional response information could be submitted to hostmaster directly from email. This made for very convenient integration between the client<—>consultant and consultant<—>ARIN communication.

ARIN online has made the entire process unacceptably more time-consuming and difficult.

One good step in the right direction would be to provide better integration between and ARIN on-line. For example, an email to containing attachments with a properly formed Re: [ARIN-20121018-X2854] style header should have the email body included in the ticket as the comments and the attached files treated as if they had been uploaded through ARIN on-line without requiring intervention from the RSHD staff, let alone requiring them to print the attachments, then scan them and submit that back into the web form to get it into ARIN on-line.

(If the above description of the process is inaccurate, then, RSHD personnel I have spoken to are misinformed about the process because that is how they described it to me).

Timeframe: Indefinite

Status: Closed   Updated: 24 January 2013

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ARIN Comment

29 October 2012

I wanted to formally acknowledge your suggestion 2012.18: Improve Request Submission Options. We will take your suggestions under consideration as we complete ARIN’s 2013 operating plan. Once the plan is approved, we will follow back up with you on those items we plan to implement in 2013. This suggestion will remain open.


Nate Davis
Chief Operations Officer
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

ARIN Comment

24 January 2013

ARIN is closing suggestion 2012.18 as a result of discussions with Owen and arriving at the conclusion that this is duplicate with another open suggestion, specifically 2012.1.