ACSP Suggestion 2012.11: DNSSEC Improvements


Author: Randy Bush   
Submitted On: 31 May 2012


On page why do you not expect/allow the TTL field?

Instead of my having to tick the resources for which i want to upload DS and then upload each DS, how about i upload the set of DS RRs and you figure it out? e.g. what i want to do should be really easy to decode from the appended. in fact, you are doing it already. 3600 IN DS 13214 8 2 e344586dae4fe751a4f7b6b18d987936723d0675ce4eb15a025507e5fea50150 3600 IN DS 35737 8 2 0a626edc3f88023143a0011ae2b42f9ea4dbd42322b535d748c72da6df83ab44 3600 IN DS 11675 8 2 5696e96697145b17c84dee11f94bd5b40e2287fa6edd50f295477e06fb4d6b46 3600 IN DS 30242 8 2 95fd299f567b5c7ad9be0567240af87f0ad308604adf52c41333a4a2fee206c7 3600 IN DS 37144 8 2 3284e9f1af641513dccf35d1d1204f02701e4b5c549a7d070a5b11da867a634b 3600 IN DS 4135 8 2 f42db05ed0d7e01607bba0a7cfdfbb2f2bc0f97dc8be33eafe5edbb00fc667ff

Timeframe: Immediate

Status: Closed   Updated: 22 September 2014

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

14 June 2012

This suggestion is reasonable and we plan on adding it to the list of outstanding projects awaiting prioritization found at:

Please note that we will be consulting the ARIN community to help access prioritization of improvements of existing systems as well as additional services that the community desires. This will be fed back into ARIN’s planning process for scheduling development resources to complete the suggestion.

ARIN will keep this suggestion open until it is completed.

ARIN Comment

22 September 2014

We are pleased to inform you that with our most recent deployment, a TTL field has been added for both NS’s and DS’s in ARIN Online.

For bulk RR loading, TTLs can also be entered using Reg-RWS for both NS and DS records. The rdns command in ARINcli ( is one such tool that can read in zone files and upload them through Reg-RWS. This tool, or others like it, could be modified to include TTLs.

We are closing this suggestion as completed, and thank you for your participation in the ARIN Suggestion and Consultation Process.