ACSP Suggestion 2011.25: Retrievable Meeting Registration Data


Author: Owen DeLong   
Submitted On: 13 July 2011


Each time I register for ARIN, I have to put in all my details and create a registration account for that meeting.

It seems like it would be trivial (and more efficient) if I could re-use my email/password from the last meeting and have my details for registration retrieved from the database for confirmation rather than filling out the form all over again.

Timeframe: Immediate

Status: Closed   Updated: 02 March 2012

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ARIN Comment

28 July 2011

Thank you for your suggestion proposing the ARIN save prior meeting registration details including username/password, so that the details do not have to be completely re-entered for subsequent ARIN meeting registrations.

I agree that your suggestion would improve the ease of ARIN meeting registration for those that repeatedly attend and is worthy of consideration.

Given that virtually all ARIN meeting attendees are members, it may be beneficial to leverage ARIN Online existing registration database to facilitate meeting registration. This will also allow for a registration process that is aware of the applicable member benefits with respect to meeting attendees.

We still have a significant amount of work in enhancing ARIN Online (as well as modernizing the underlying infrastructure) but will keep this suggestion on our roadmap for future a implementation evaluation. At the time we make a determination regarding this suggestion, we will follow back up with you.

This suggestion will remain open.

ARIN Comment

02 March 2012

Staff recently conducted a review of all open suggestions as we seek to implement the newly revised ACSP. We again discussed your Suggestion2011.25: Retrievable Meeting Registration Data and find that the suggestion has merit. It would save work for many members who regularly attend our Public Policy and Members Meetings.Bringing meeting registration into ARIN Online makes sense so we will add this to our list of Projects Awaiting Prioritization viewable at:

Given that we have a considerable list of enhancements that would benefit all ARIN Online users, we have not yet scheduled implementation of your suggested functionality.

Suggestion 2011.25 is now closed, but not forgotten.