ACSP Suggestion 2011.22: PPML Format Change


Author: Alain Durand   
Submitted On: 20 May 2011


Reading PPML is now impossible because the traffic is to high and the signal to noise ratio is too low. I would lke to sugges using a blog/wiki instead to discuss new proposal.

The ‘owner’ of a proposal would have a top post explaining the idea, there would be discussions following up in blog comment format. If shepherds are assigned, the ‘pro’ shepherd would be in charge of updating the top post with summary of new arguments and the ‘con’ shepherd will update a side box with a summary of the ‘cons’.

That way, I could come and have a summary of the proposal and the pros/cons arguments in just one view. I’m not interested in the 100th repeat of the same point, but in the collection of the pros and cons point.

I have to say that I’ve now stopped reading PPML, and I hope such a system could be put in place very quickly.

Timeframe: Immediate

Status: Closed   Updated: 25 March 2013

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

27 May 2011

Thank you for your suggestion on alternative delivery methods for PPML. We will be forming an internal group to investigate feasible alternatives that meet the same needs as the PPML.

This suggestion will remain open until we determine how to best proceed.

ARIN Comment

3 June 2011

ARIN staff are working with the ARIN Advisory Committee Chairman to evaluate potential solutions to your proposal. This may involve soliciting input from the Advisory Committee as well. ARIN will respond back no later than June 30 with a solution to your suggestion.

This suggestion will remain open until that time.

ARIN Comment

23 June 2011

ARIN Advisory Council Chairman, John Sweeting is equally concerned with the ‘signal to noise’ ratio on PPML. In response to this issue, he is establishing a committee comprised of three or four AC members to develop guidelines that will foster more effective communications on PPML. This committee is in the process of being seated, and the resulting, suggested guidelines will then be vetted by the entire AC. It has yet to be determined if implementation will require ARIN Board review and approval.

Creating another format for discussion of policy matters, such as a blog, do not appear optimal as this would splinter discussions, requiring participants to participate in two forums.

The points that you specifically suggest such as pro/con shepherds, eliminating repeated similar points, and a consolidated format encapsulating the policy and value are all to be evaluated by the committee.

This suggestion will remain open until the committee suggestions are implemented.

ARIN Comment

09 April 2012

The Advisory Council has directed a task force to explore ways to improve policy-related communications. They will evaluate this suggestion, as well as other ideas, following ARIN XXIX in Vancouver.

ARIN Comment

25 March 2013

The ARIN Advisory Council has formed an Improve Communications Group (ICG) to improve policy related discussions in general. Your suggestion has been provided to the ICG as input into their effort. The ICG will be reporting progress periodically at ARIN Public Policy Consultations and Public Policy and Member Meetings and therefore you will be able to provide additional input as well as monitor progress at those events. Note that you can participate remotely if you are unable to attend in person. Since this suggestion has been provided to the ICG and is now part of their deliberations, this suggestion is now closed.