ACSP Suggestion 2011.2: Addition of Notification Fields To ARIN's IRR


Author: Andrew Koch   
Submitted On: 11 January 2011

Description: As part of the standard RIPE-database protocol, implement the mnt-nfy and notify fields. The mnt-nfy field on a maintainer object will notify (send an email to) the address in this field when any object associated to this maintainer is updated. The notify field will send an email to the address in this field upon changes to the object that has the notify field populated. Previous requests to ARIN staff on ticket ARIN-20100706.1034 resulted in an answer that these fields are not currently implemented.

Timeframe: Immediate

Status: Closed   Updated: 29 September 2011

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

26 January 2011

ARIN will be updating its IRR code to implement the mnt-nfy and notify fields. We hope to have these new features ready and available for community use by the end of August 2011.

ARIN Comment

20 July 2011


This issue is currently in progress and is expected to meet the planned delivery by the end of August. This suggestion will be closed out.

ARIN Comment

29 September 2011

Implemented on 29 September 2011