ACSP Suggestion 2011.15: Billing POCs in ARIN Online


Author: Mike Joseph   
Submitted On: 11 April 2011


The lack of management of billing information with ARIN (via ARIN Online, templates, or REST) is problematic for registrants. It also likely has a somewhat negative effect on ARIN’s timely collection of fees, and therefore revenue stream.

I would suggest the following changes:

  1. Allow the creation of a new POC type for Billing-only. Like a DMR-only POC, the Billing-only POC type should be hidden within whois. Unlike a DMR-only POC, a Billing-only POC can be a role account.
  2. All ARIN ORG records should support and require the definition of at least one (but possibly multiple) Billing POCs. This POC field should allow either normal POC types or Billing-only POC types.
  3. All ARIN invoicing (electronic and on-paper, as applicable) should first be sent to Billing POC(s). Escalation for late/missing payments or returned invoices should be to the Admin POC, as usual.

These changes would bring ARIN’s billing practices more inline with the POC management system already used throughout ARIN.

Timeframe: Six-months

Status: Closed   Updated: 25 July 2011

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

02 May 2011

ARIN has planned for and is currently working on this improvement. According to our schedule, we plan to integrate Billing POCs within ARIN Online by the third quarter of this year. The reminder process will remain exactly as is, as per your #3. With regard to the other parts of your suggestion, both billing only POC and role accounts will be allowed as Billing POCs under the current plan.

Again, thank you for confirmation that we are on the right track. This suggestion is now closed.

ARIN Comment

25 July 2011

Implemented on 25 July 2011