ACSP Suggestion 2011.13: Send Change Request Notifications to Admin and Tech POCs


Author: Erik Schorr   
Submitted On: 31 March 2011


We have recently started having individual users associated with the technical POC role start using their own API keys and sending from their personal email accounts. We’re not getting confirmations or any sort of reject/accept messages for these requests to our admin or tech poc role account addresses. We’d like to get CCs of all modification action responses to our primary admin and tech contact addresses.

I hope this is a practical request and an easy change.

Timeframe: Six months

Status: Closed   Updated: 20 April 2011

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ARIN Comment

20 April 2011

As we improve ARIN Online, we are striving to create focused notification system which balances the need to know against receiving unwanted and consequently ignored email. As demand warrants, ARIN staff will be looking at ways to improve the current notification system. In the meantime, the short term solution is to notify Admin/Tech POCs is to have the API Key users CC the request to the Admin/Tech POC. The Admin/Tech POCs will consequently be copied on the response.

This suggestion is now closed.