ACSP Suggestion 2010.3: Eliminate term "license" from Fee Schedule


Author: Steve Bertrand   
Submitted On: 12 February 2010

Description: Inline with Proposal 108, “Eliminate the term license…”, I have found the term ’license’ used on the ARIN website, outside of the scope of the NRPM: - under “Experimental Allocation Fee” in I request that this term be removed/replaced as necessary, if necessary and feasible.

Timeframe: Immediate

Status: Closed   Updated: 20 July 2011

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

22 February 2010

Thank you for your suggestion requesting to “Eliminate the term license…” under the “Experimental Allocation Fee” section of ARIN’s Fee Schedule located at:

After careful review and consideration ARIN President & CEO John Curran recommended to the Advisory Council (ARIN AC) that policy proposal 108 be abandoned, so that ARIN Counsel & staff may develop an administrative change with the appropriate language. Per existing practice, such a change will be sent to the ARIN AC for their review prior to action by the ARIN Board of Trustees.

Similarly, ARIN staff, working with the ARIN Board of Trustees, will review the elimination of the license as you have suggested. Following review, ARIN will report back any action which ARIN expects to take regarding this suggestion. In the interim, ARIN will keep this suggestion open.

ARIN Comment

20 July 2011


The term “license” has been eliminated under the Experimental section of the Fee Schedule as you suggested. This suggestion is now closed.