ACSP Suggestion 2010.22: Exception for Requests of a 12-month supply of IPv4 address received prior to IANA depletion


Author: Chris Grundemann   
Submitted On: 21 December 2010


Under current ARIN policy, when ARIN receives its last /8 as a result of the IANA “last five” global policy, the length of supply that any organization may request from ARIN from that moment forward is to be reduced to three months.

I propose that Any request submitted prior to that moment must continue to be eligible for a twelve month supply of IPv4 addresses as long as need has been reasonably demonstrated and the application is not deemed frivolous.

In other words; legitimate requests must be honored if submitted prior to IANA exhaustion.

Timeframe: Immediate

Status: Closed   Updated: 30 December 2010

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ARIN Comment

30 December 2010

Changes to Internet number resource policy must go through the ARIN Policy Development Process, therefore this suggestion cannot be handled via the ACSP. You may wish to consider submitting a policy proposal for community consideration.

Thank you for your suggestion. ACSP 2010.22 is considered closed.