ACSP Suggestion 2010.13: Add iCal feed of an ARIN Event Calendar


Author: David Farmer   
Submitted On: 10 July 2010


Please provide an iCal feed of an ARIN Event Calendar. This would include all ARIN Meetings and other public events sponsored by ARIN.

For the Public Policy meetings it would also be useful to provide the details of when particular proposal will be discussed, a possibly other agenda items of particular importance to the community. Either in a separate feed for meeting details or on the main ARIN Event Calendar feed. This could be a very useful for remote participants, as the feed should provide them the times adjusted to their local timezone.

Timeframe: Immediate

Status: Closed   Updated: 21 July 2010

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ARIN Comment

21 July 2010

The TeamARIN microsite is the current repository of the ARIN Event Calendar (, and it already offers an iCal option ( . However, this capability is not clearly identified or advertised and ARIN will be looking for ways to advertise this feature.

In regards to an iCal feed of the detailed agenda for ARIN meetings, either within the existing one, or separately, ARIN is currently evaluating a number of changes to how it handles publication of the agenda information and will include this as a desired feature.

Thank you for participating in the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process. This suggestion is now considered closed.